Autumn Crossword Puzzle
by Debi

Across: Down:
1. Labor Day month 1. Horoscope sign for most of Nov.
4. 'Bob' for these 2. 'Sweep' leaves
8. Spooky holiday 3. All is new again with it's 'Fall Schedule'
10. Cast your ballot  5. 'Turkey Day'
11. Ride this to school 6. Pigskin sport
12. A drink made from apples 7. The month you dress up in costumes
14. Horoscope sign for most of Sept. 9. Horoscope sign for most of Oct.
15. Pick crops 12. Places of education
18. These change colors now 15. Recreational journey upon straw
20. Leaves do this all season 16. Wear this woolen on crisp days
21. This month contains the day of thanks 17. It's cooler now, so wear a ______.
19. There are four of these 'times of year'