Cartoons & Comics Word Search
by Debi Koontz

Andy Capp Dino Huckleberry Hound (Olive) Oyl Simpsons
Archie Donald (Duck) Huey (Duey& Louey) Peanuts Smurfs
Astro Dudley Doright Jetsons Pebbles Snoopy
Bambi Dumbo Jughead Pepe Le Pew Superman
BC Elmer (Fudd) Linus (Pettermint) Patty SweetPea
Beetle Bailey Family Circus Little Mermaid Pig Pen Sylvester
(Betty) Boop Felix (Little Orphan) Annie Pink Panther Tazmanian (Devil)
Betty (Rubble) Flintstones Longhorn (Leghorn) Pluto Tigger
Blondie Fred (Flintstone) Lowly Pooh Tom and Jerry
Boo Boo Futurama Lucy Popeye Tweety
Bugs (Bunny) Garfield Marmaduke Porky Pig Wilma (Flintstone)
Cathy Goofy Marvin Road Runner Woody Woodpecker
Daffy Duck Grape (Ape) Mickey (Mouse) Rocko Yogi (Bear)
Dagwood Hobbes Mighty (Mouse) Rocky (Yosemite) Sam
Daria Horton Mr. Magoo Scooby Doo Ziggy

* Special Challenge -  In this word search one of the words in the word list is hidden 26 times!
Dicover which word it is and see if you can find them all!!