Free Original
  by Debi

PASTEL CHRISTMAS TREE Wallpaper Tiny pastel trees and pale red dots against a  white background.  **This is a tiled wallpaper.
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"HO HO HO" CHRISTMAS Wallpaper Green and red ornaments with the words "HoHoHo" against a white background.
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HALLOWEEN Wallpaper Soft orange background behind a pattern of black cats silhouettes.  Greeting says "Happy Halloween"
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"IT'S WALLPAPER" Wallpaper This is designed after real wallpaper, complete with border along the top.  Three versions available.
Pink & Blue Preview and Save
Yellow, Peach & Green Preview and Save
Lavander & Pink  Preview and Save

EWE'S FLUFFY Wallpaper This is the wallpaper from my theme by the same name.  It features a big fluffy white lamb and the  words "Ewe's not fat, Ewe's fluffy".
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LAUNDRY DAY Wallpaper This cute picture is my favorite wallpaper so  far.  It shows a clothesline with bloomers, apron,               socks, a dress, jeans, and a colorful quilt hanging on it.  For 800 x 600 display or larger.
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ST. PATRICK'S DAY Wallpaper Clovers on a light green background. 
**This is a tiled wallpaper.
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Wallpaper Bright blue background with hearts and a Valentine's Day greeting.
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CHRISTMAS SCENE 98 Wallpaper The same wallpaper that's in my theme by the same name.  A  snowy outdoor scene that includes a mailbox decorated with a  festive ribbon.
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   ** Instructions for tiled wallpaper:  For this wallaper you must go from the Start menu into Settings, then into Control Panel, then into Display.  Then in the background section, select 'Tile' instead of 'Centered'.

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