Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you email me when you add something new?
2. How do I sign up for your free newsletter?
3. What is an icon?
4. How do I use your icons?
5. Can I use your icons on a mac?
6. What are cursors?
7. How do I change my cursors?
8. What is the difference between 'animated' and 'static' cursors?
9. How do I make icons and cursors?
10. How do I download?
11. Where did the files I download go? I can't find them on my computer.
12. What is a 'zip' file and why are most things on your site 'zipped'?
13. How do I unzip a file from your site?
14. How do I change the sounds on my computer?
15. Where can I find...?
16. How do I download and use your wallpapers?
17. What are 'Themes'?
18. How do I download and set up themes?
19. How do I use themes without Microsoft Plus?
20. How do I make my own themes?
21. How do I download, install & set-up your screensavers? How do I change my screensavers?
22. What is your policy on use of your graphics on personal or non-profit websites?
23. What is your policy on use of your graphics on business websites?
24. Can you tell me how to make a webpage of my own?
25. How do I 'vote' for your site?
26. How do I ask a 'Dear Debi' question for your advice column?
27. Do you have directions for your puzzle games?
28. Where are the solutions for your puzzle games?
29. Can I use your puzzles in a newsletter for our organization?
30. Do you offer directions on how to cross-stitch?
31. Can I make a suggestion for something I would like you to make?
32. Do you offer original graphics made to order, if so, what do you charge?
33. Are you available to make websites for others, if so, what do you charge?
34. Can I link to you?
35. Are you interested in exchanging links with me?
36. How do I sign your guestbook?
37. How can I write you an email?
38. I'd like to recommend your site to a friend. Do you have a service for this?

Debi's Answers

1. Can you email me when you add something new? No, I'm sorry, but it's simply too complicated for me to try and keep track of who wants to hear about what. I have tried, but it never works. I do, however, offer a free newsletter that will announce all new additions to my site. I send out the newsletter about once or twice a month at most, or whenever there is new content added to my site. By the way, I consider all my newsletter subscribers my 'inner circle' of website friends and visitors. I also share many 'behind the scenes' things in it, besides what's new and what's coming soon.

2. How do I sign up for your free newsletter? To sign up for my newsletter you do these simple steps:
1. click on the "free newsletter" link on any of my pages.
2. when you get to my newsletter page type your email address in the little box and then click the button that says "GO".
3. check your email in a few minutes.  You should find a note asking if you are the one who subscribed to my list.  Simply click on link and then you should be taken to my website's main page. That's it-you are then subscribed.

3. What is an icon?  Icons are the little 'pictures' for everything. Icons are everywhere. You see them every time you turn on your computer. For example, on your desktop you have things like 'My Computer', 'Recycle Bin' and more. The little pictures above the words is called an 'icon'. Icons are also the little little pictures of folders, note paper sheets (for text files), etc. in your Windows Explorer. They are the little 'N' picture used for Netscape and the 'e' picture used for Internet Explorer. Most games and other programs have little icon symbols. 'Zip' files, image files, all files have some kind of icon to represent them. Some icons can be changes. Some cannot. Some can, but require special programs in order to do it.

4. How do I use your icons?  In windows, the way to play with (use) your icons are: first, put them in one folder (you may find that you collect quite a few over time) somewhere in your C: or C:/Windows. Then it really depends exactly what you want to use the icons for as to what to do. If you want to change a shortcut's icon, that's the easiest. For instance, if you have a shortcut on your desktop for something like 'documents' or 'games' or whatever, simply right click on the icon it has now and select properties. Then select shortcut. Click on Change Icon. Then click on Browse. Then simply go to the folder that you stored your icons in and you will see tiny versions of each icon. Select the one you want, then click Open.  The icon will then be in the place of the one that was previously the shortcut's icon. Now, if you want to change icons for any certain extension in your windows explorer (for instance all .txt or .doc. or whatever, then in windows explorer, in the menu across the top, select View. Under the tab File Types click on Edit, then click on Change Icon. Browse and select the icon you want in the folder you put it into like I described with changing the shortcut's icon. If you want to change the icons for "My Computer', 'Network Neighborhood', and 'Recycle Bin', the way I do that is through Windows Plus. There are shareware programs that allow you to do it without Plus. In fact, I just saw one the other day. Here's the url: If you do have Plus, simply go to the start menu, then Settings, then Control Panel, then Display. Under the tab that says 'Plus' simply click on change icon, browse, etc. The most often question I am asked about changing icons is how to change the icons of folders. Not all things work on all versions of windows, but here's what I can tell you: I don't know what version of Windows you have. I have ME. If you do, look in the 'Advanced' section on the 'File Types' tab under 'Folder options' in the menu selection 'Tools' in 'My computer' in Windows ME. You just have to look around until you find what you want whenever you need to do a new things in windows, or else search through the online help files included with windows. By the way, the list of stuff where I sent you had lots to choose from and you'll want to be very careful not to change too many things as they are part of Windows and that can lead to messy troubles. But to change file folders there
are two choices on that list: 'File Folder' and 'Folder'. But the change may not have effect except in that window if there are no 'file extensions' associated with it on your computer. But there are probably other places offered for folders as well, that do have file extensions, that would change your folders. But see, the very best advice I can give to you, truly, is just to take some time and explore and learn what is available in all those menu items. And if something is a mystery then look for more info about it in the help section. That's how we all become more expert over time at using the computer.

5. Can I use your icons on a mac?  No, unfortunately not. My icons are for use only on a PC using windows. I am looking into converting my icon files though, so I may be offering mac icons in the future.

6. What are cursors?  Cursors are the little arrows or moving things that the pointer turns into while it waits for your computer to do something in the background. Also, cursors ar the name for what the cursor turns into when you write text, stretch edges of windows, etc. They are lots of fun to change and play with.  I change my cursors about once a week or so to add variety to my life since I am at my desk so much!   :)

7. How do I change my cursors? To replace your cursors with the new ones, and to see the animated cursors moving, simply click on the start menu, select 'settings', then 'control panel'. Then double-click on 'mouse'.  When the mouse window opens, click on the tab at the top that says 'pointers'. Here you can change any cursor. When any cursor is highlighted simply click on browse, and find where the file of cursors are placed (you should first put the cursors into another file-just drag then from the unzipped folder and drop them into the default Windows cursor folder which is at C:\Windows\Cursors). You can browse the cursors you have in the cursors folder and as you do each animated one will be moving.  (the way to tell if a cursor is animated or static is the file extensions-at the end of a static cursor it will say '.cur', ant the end of an animated cursor it will say '.ani'.)   When you have selected which cursor you would like simply click 'apply'. When you have replaced all the cursors that you want to replace, click 'ok' and the window will close.

8. What is the difference between 'animated' and 'static' cursors? 'Static' cursors are simple arrows or other pointers that do not move in any way. The file ending for a static cursor is '.cur'. An animated cursor is exactly that. It moves in some way. Often these cursors are the ones used for the 'working in background' and 'busy' windows function (ex. the hourglass cursor).

9. How do I make icons and cursors?  There are many programs to make icons and cursors.  Some make only icons, some make only cursors.  Some make both.  Almost all are offered in shareware form so you could try them.  To make icons I use Axialis AX-Icons 4.5 and for cursors I use Axialis AX-Cursors 4.5.  These are both available through almost every shareware site on the net.  Another icon and cursor program that is good is Icon Forge, which does both icons and cursors.  I like the Axialis ones better though, myself.

10. How do I download?  To download my things you simply click on the word 'Download' next to or below the file you want. A pop up box will come up. Select 'Save File'. Another box will then come up letting you decide where you would like to send it. Where do you have your computer set to place downloads? I made a special file in my C:/ directory called 'Unzip', but most people simply choose to send them to their desktop. If you are not sure where it is, and it's possible that it's there after all, you could try doing a search for '*.zip' (using the 'Find' option in your start menu, assuming you have windows). To download cursors all you have to do is click 'Download', or something similar. It should then ask you where you want to (download it to) using a windows explorer type system to go through your folders. When you have the selection chosen that you want, simply click on 'Save'. After the first time it usually will offer to send the next ones to the same place by default.  After it's downloaded you then unzip it and use it however you would like. For my small icon and cursor files, I sometimes get letter from people who think they aren't downloading because they download so fast (due to their tiny size) that if you blink you will miss it. So when downloading one of those files just be prepared NOT to wait.  ;)

11. Where did the files I download go? I can't find them on my computer. You know, there is a good chance that the files are on you computer's hard drive somewhere. You could run a search for them. If you don't know how to do this here's how: If you have more than one hard drive you would perhaps need to look on each one, but normally I'd say that you should be able to find them, if they are there, on the same drive as your aol is installed on. In the start menu select 'Find' then select 'Files or Folders'. Make sure the 'Include subfolders' option is checked. In the top box type: [*.zip] without the brackets of course, then click on 'Find Now' to see if you can find them. All files of that type, which are on that hard drive will be listed no matter where they are 'hidden'. Once you find them you can then move them to another place, go to where they are to open them, or even click on them right there in the Find Window so your unzip program can open them for you.

12. What is a 'zip' file and why are most things on your site 'zipped'?  This means the contents of the zipped file will be a bit smaller for people to download than if they were not 'zipped'. They first need to be 'unzipped' so you can access them.

13. How do I unzip a file from your site? The cursors, icons, etc. on my site (as well as most programs available for download on the internet, are 'zipped').  This means the contents of the zipped file will be a bit smaller for people to download than if they were not 'zipped'. They first need to be 'unzipped' so you can access them. If you don't already have an 'Unzip' program, I HIGHLY recommend Winzip. It is, by far, the standout zip program available. If you haven't yet installed it be sure to select the option for 'Winzip Wizard' rather than 'Winzip Classic'. Wizard is automated to do most everything all by itself. Once it's installed, you simply double click on any zip file and Winzip will start itself and open it for you. I have tried many but always end up sticking with Winzip. It's the best in my opinion. You can get it for free through their own website ( or most any Shareware website. After your downloaded 'zip' files are unzipped you can view them in whatever folder they were unzipped to. By default Winzip will place them in C:\unzipped\____ (with the name of the zip file filling in the blank).

14. How do I change the sounds on my computer? To change your sounds in Windows, simply place your sound files in the folder you would like to keep them in (example- C:\Windows\Media) then go to the control panel (in start menu select 'settings'). In the control panel menu select 'sounds'. All the possible events that you are able to select sounds for will be listed. Highlight the event you want to set to change the sound for. That will activate the box below the event list, showing what sound, if any, is already selected for that event. There is even a play and stop button to test the sound if you wish. To select your new sound click on the 'browse' button and find the folder you placed your sound files in. Choose your desired sound file.

15. Where can I find...?   Sometimes I get email from my visitors who are looking for a particular graphic or icon or some such thing, asking me if I know where it can be found on the internet. Now, while I do know where many things can be found, rarely have I been able to be of much help in these individual and specific searches. It's also something I dread being asked, to be honest. However I sure do know where you might try looking in your search. On my site I have links to massive lists of graphics link-list sites. On my home page (as well as some other pages), it's the six small button-size banners under where it says: 'Please vote for this site'. Each click to them from my site is added to the total of daily amount of traffic I send them, which raises me higher on the list, thus the 'voting'. But these are not only for the benefit of my website, they are very extensive lists of the best sites on the net for graphics, clip art, screensavers, themes, etc. I think you may well find what you want on these (plus much more).

16. How do I download and use your wallpapers? To download any wallpapers in Windows 95/98, simply click on the link, then right click and select Set As Wallpaper. The wallpaper will then be your desktop wallpaper. If you wish to save the wallpaper for later use after you change it, or download more than one wallpaper, then follow these simple steps: Go into your Windows Explorer and into the 'Windows' folder. Then look down the list, past all the folders, and find the bitmap that's the name of your browser. For instance, if you use Netscape then you will find a file entitled 'Netscape Wallpaper.bmp'.  Now, simply change the title to whatever you would like. For example, 'Christmas.bmp'.  Just be sure to leave '.bmp' at the end.  Be sure to change the names after each wallpaper you download because you can only have one browser-named wallpaper at a time. Any that you already have will be covered up by any new ones you set as wallpaper this way. Unless otherwise noted, all wallpapers here are    'centered', rather than 'tiled'. For tiled wallpaper you must go from the Start menu into Settings, then into Control Panel, then into Display.  Then in the background section, select 'Tile' instead of 'Centered'.

17. What are 'Themes'?  Themes are themed 'sets' of desktop graphics which include wallpaper, cursors, icons, sounds, colors, fonts, and sometimes screensavers. Themes were first introduced as part of Microsoft's Windows 95 Plus! program.

18. How do I download and set up themes?
1. From my Themes page you click on the link for the themes you are interested in that says 'Preview & Download'.
2. Under the preview picture you click on the link that says 'Download'.
3. Select the 'Save' option.
4. After it finishes downloading you go to the place on your computer where it was saved to.
5. Using your unzip program (like WinZip), you open the zip file.
6. Place all contents from the zip file into it's own folder in the 'Themes' folder (if you are using MS Windows Plus it would, by default, by located at C:\Program Files\Plus\Themes\____).
7. Select this as your theme by going to the control panel and clicking on 'Desktop Themes', then using the down arrow to 'other', until you see this theme listed. Open the folder and select it.

19. How do I use themes without Microsoft Plus? The ability to use themes was originally the bonus of purchasing and using MS Windows Plus!, and for a long time was the only way to use themes. A couple years ago there began to be tons of themes available on the net so that created a huge market of people who wanted to use them, but didn't have Plus! installed on their computer. The first programs that were available out there that allowed users to use themes without Plus were really poor quality. They got a lot better over time. And they also got a lot more easily available. Having the real Plus on my computer, I have never had to download any of these programs. I have seen them all over though. I would do a search at one of the larger download sites (try or Use search terms like 'themes', 'theme utility', 'themes installer'.  Good luck!

20. How do I make my own themes?  I use a couple different programs to make themes. My favorite is called 'Create-a-Theme'. It will allow you to make themes free for your own personal use. If you wanted to share them with others you would need to register the program first. To get it you can go to or most any shareware site (like Rocket Download). There are many other themes programs so you may want to try some others out to see if you like those better.

21. How do I download, install & set-up your screensavers? How do I change my screensavers?  There are two different types of screensavers available on my site. One is downloaded in a 'zip' file', the other is in a self-installing 'exe' file. For the 'zip' format simply open the zipped file with your unzip program and place the file that has the ending ".scr" into your windows directory (C:\Windows). The other format (exe) will automatically install it's file into your system folder (C:\Windows\System). To set the new screensaver as your new default screensaver, go to your start menu and select 'Settings'. Click on 'Control Panel', then select 'Display'. Click on the tab that says 'Screensaver'. Then simply scroll down the list of screensavers until you find the new screensaver you want to set as the new one. Highlight it and click 'Ok'. That's all there is to it. You can change screensavers as often as you like. I know I sure enjoy changing mine frequently.

22. What is your policy on use of your graphics on personal or non-profit websites?  In this case I allow free use of any of my graphics to be used as-is (with no alterations), though I appreciate a mention that my site was the source and/or a link back to my site, though I am only making a humble request, not making a requirement. The one exception is the picture of the house and smiling sun which is found on my main home page at the very top. It is my site's own, and I retain all rights to it's exclusivity. If you have a business site and wish to use my graphics, please see answer #23 (following this one).

23. What is your policy on use of your graphics on business websites?  I allow use of my graphics on business websites for a small fee. I also offer services making original graphics, priced on a case by case basis, but never more than a small and reasonable amount. There are some business sites I make exceptions for and do not charge any fees for the use of my graphics (of course, original graphics made to order would still be charged for). These are sites that I feel offer a special service or product which I feel is important. I make the decisions of which business sites will be exempt from fees on a case by case basis. Please email me at  for prices or if you have any questions.

24. Can you tell me how to make a webpage of my own?  No, I am very sorry. I  know how hard it seems at first when one first decides to build a website or homepage and park their new little address on the vast world wide web. And while I offer every new webmaster my warmest wishes and the very best of luck, but the hoot's for web-site building are far too extensive for me to begin writing it out for others. And I am still always learning myself.  There are many, many wonderful and helpful sites dedicated to helping beginning webmasters though.

25. How do I 'vote' for your site?  To vote for my site find the 'Please Vote For My Site" section on most pages. Below the part where I typed a little message asking for votes there are two (on some page, three) small 'button banners'. They are red, green (and if there is a third, white).  Simply click on any one.  You will then be taken to their site and will be able to see where I rank at that moment on their list of sites. This is also a nice list of links that are fun to visit.  That's why I hope to be ranked near the top. So people can find my site. They say you can vote once a day for each one, but I have found that you can actually vote once every hour for each one, if you ever were so inclined to do this. (I wish!)  *smile* These are the places that my site is listed in a daily competition.  If you want to vote for more than one, after being taken to their site, simply use the 'back' button on your browser, or click on my banner on the list, to return to my site and vote again for the other one.  The column that says 'in' are how many people have voted for my site, and the column that says 'out' are how many people have voted for another site and decided to visit my site when they were sent there and saw my banner. They update the lists every half hour or so. And the scores are reset to zero every day. Depending on how many people people vote for my site, I can be in the top ten, or top twenty, which is my hope.

26. How do I ask a 'Dear Debi' question for your advice column? To read the 'Dear Debi' questions and answers go to To write a question of your own (for the advice column only-regular email to me is sent to a different address as I mention in question 35), write to 'Dear Debi' at I will answer all letters, though not all will be added to the website. When a letter and it's answer is added to the webpage you will receive an email informing you that your question was answered.

27. Do you have directions for your puzzle games? Yes. Go to

28. Where are the solutions for your puzzle games? I have decided not to post the solutions. In some cases I no longer even have the solution in my possession. If, however, you are stuck on any part of any of my puzzle games please write to me at with the name of the puzzle and the part you need help with. I will email the answer for that particular question back to you.

29. Can I use your puzzles in a newsletter for our organization?  Yes, as long as there is a mention that the source of it is my website and the url of either my home page ( or the puzzle page ( is given.

30. Do you offer directions on how to cross-stitch? No, I'm sorry, as of now I have not decided to include the instructions to this fun and addictive hobby. I probably won't every offer this, but there are sites on the net that can be of great help to you.

31. Can I make a suggestion for something I would like you to make for your site?  Yes, of course. I am always looking for good ideas from all kinds of sources for things to make to add to my site. I have always very much appreciated good ideas I have received from my visitors. Having said that, however, I have to mention that I can't and won't PROMISE to make everything. It is up to me what I want to make. There are some times that I just don't feel 'artistically interested' in something that was requested.  I also have some topics that I will never add to my site (celebrities, adult-only material, drug and alcohol images, and anything else that doesn't fit the 'mood' of my website). Any graphics requests I receive are free only when they are something I can add to my site. Otherwise, see answer #32 (following this one).

32. Do you offer original graphics made-to-order, if so, what do you charge?  Yes, I do. Prices depend on the size, and specifications. I do not generally charge as much as you would find elsewhere, however.  Basically it depends on the time that will be involved. To receive a quote on a desired graphic or graphics please email me at I sometimes get requests for me to make something special to add to my website, for someone's particular needs. If it is a suggestion I want to take, then I will happily make it and add it with much thanks for the good idea. But I will not at any time make free graphics, free of charge, if it is not something I think will be a good addition to the collection on my website. My criteria is usually what I think most of my visitors would like, but it can also just be if it is something I want to do. But if anyone would like original graphics, not to be added to my website, then I will be happy to discuss the fee for the item(s) in question.

33. Are you available to make websites for others, if so, what do you charge?  Yes, I offer this service. Pricing depends on what is required, how many pages are to be included and the time frame I am given to work in, as well as whether or not submission/promotion services are required as well. Basic personal homepages start at only $35 for a single page, or $75 for the first three pages with a charge of $20 for each page thereafter. Basic commercial websites start at $125.

34. Can I link to you?  Why yes!! I love it when people link to me. I do have buttons and banners available, if you would like to use one, though text links are also appreciated. Please link to my main page at Thanks bunches!

35. Are you interested in exchanging links with me?  Yes, I will happily exchange links with any non-adult-only site. I have many categories I place links in, including a link-exchange page that is open to all clean sites. I believe that's how all websites can be a success. To trade links, simply put a link to my site on your website. You can use text links or one of my buttons or banners found at Please link to my main page at Then simply write back to me and tell me the url where you placed my link, the location of your button (if you have one), and the url you would like me to link it to. If you don't have a button I will be happy to put a text link to you on my site.

36. How do I sign your guestbook?  Go to my guestbook page or directly to the guestbook at

37. How can I write you an email?  You can write to me at

38. I'd like to recommend your site to a friend. Do you have a service for this?  Yes, I sure do. Click here.

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